Am I entitled to compensation?

In order to make a claim, you will need to be able to answer yes to these three questions:

  • 1. Were you a client of the solicitor you want to claim against?

  • 2. Have you suffered a loss of £5000 or more?

  • 3. Did the negligent act or breach of duty of care occur within the last six years ?

Negligence can commonly occur in the following areas:


Solicitor misses deadline
No matter what type of case you are involved in, there are strict rules about the time limit you have in which to bring a claim. If you have missed this deadline through negligence on the part of your solicitor, you may be entitled to compensation.

Undervalued compensation claim
It is a solicitors job to ensure that you are compensated fairly, and to assess what that compensation is likely to be given. If your claim is undervalued, you may not have received everything you were entitled to. This could be, for example, an undervalued award for personal injury pain and suffering, or a failure to include a proper claim for past or future loss of earnings or cost of care.

Mistake on paperwork
When it comes to legal paperwork, attention to detail is crucial. A basic mistake can cost you dearly. Contact us if a mistake like this was made on your paperwork.

Negligent Advice
Placing your trust in a solicitor means accepting advice in matters you may be unfamiliar with. If you have been guided incorrectly, it may have had a significant impact on your case. We can help determine if the advice you were given was sound.

Incorrect advice given in relation to costs of litigation
Although the service you will receive from us will not cost you anything, court cases can be lengthy and expensive. It is your solicitor’s job to advise you correctly on how much proceedings will cost, whether the risk is proportionate to your likely financial outlay, and whether you can be protected, by insurance, against an adverse cost order in favour of your opponent if you lose your case.

Our solicitors
Our solicitors can also advice you in respect of professional negligence claims against other professionals including:

  • 1. Medical practitioners (GPs, Hospitals, District Nurses) in clinical negligence

  • 2. Surveyors/Architects

  • 3. Accountants

  • 4. Independant Finanical Advisors (IFAs)

  • 5. Insurance Brokers

Our solicitors will provide a free initial telephone or office consultation, and wherever possible we seek to pursue claims under a conditional fee agreement (CFA) oftern referred to as "no win, no fee*".

*Other costs could be payable.

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“Anyone can make a mistake, but a mistake by your solicitor can have a serious impact on your case”